CXR-140-1S Car X-Ray Scanner

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) & Contraband Detection

CRX Portable Car X-Ray Scanner

Hand portable, battery & remote operation, ultra-compact scanner that will easily fit inside a car trunk

CXR is a hand portable, ultra-compact, lightweight, battery operated, low energy X- ray scanner that can be quickly deployed to scan cars for IEDs or contraband.

Real Time Display:

CRX Real Time Display
Dangerous Manual Vehicle Inspection

Manual inspection is time consuming and is unable to show contraband hidden under car seats or behind the interior trims of the car. X-ray inspection is required to reveal such concealed items.

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Key Features

  1. Ultra-compact detector arms and electronics
  2. Light weight and hand portable
  3. Remote Wi-Fi and battery operation
  4. High efficiency detectors
  5. User interface and controls through standard laptop

Detector Installation

CXR-140-1S Detector Installation

Quick Assembly & Disassembly

CXR-140-1S Features Quick Assembly & Disassembly