MXR – Modular X-ray Robotic Scanner

Developed by the US Government to fill the gap between large truck mounted systems and small handheld systems, Smart Imaging System’s MXR delivers a new dimension to the screening of suspicious packages

Bomb Squad Robot
  • While other handheld scanning systems require multiple images to be stitched together, the MXR provides a complete 3-D, multi-view picture of the entire object being scanned in real time, saving first responders precious time.   This technology offers an alternative to other large, bulky, expensive options that may have limited ability to operate in remote areas or rough terrain.
  • X-Ray of bomb bag
  • The MXR meets another requirement of the bomb squad community by embedding the detection technology within the bomb squad’s current robotic operating systems – this means they don’t have to buy an additional robot. When adding an MXR kit to another robot like the F-6, the product is called an RXTK.
  • Whether being used at a roadside checkpoint, a national landmark or at a public gathering, the MXR deploys easily in multiple environments to provide security screening when needed.
  • Electrical Box Angled
  • Unlike most existing scanners that use pulsed X-ray energy for detection, the MXR robot features a continuous, fan-shaped operating X-ray beam, permitting a higher degree of penetration through dense packaging.
  • The MXR also includes 3-D coordinates that mark the location of an explosive device within a suspicious package, a capability previously not found in scanners.
MXR Modular X-Ray Robotic Scanner


  • Ultra compact detector arms and electronics
  • Optimized detectors for high efficiency
  • Miniaturization of all electrical components
  • Modular system that can be mounted to virtually any mid-sized robot

Key Features

  • Hand Portable
  • Real Time Image Display
  • 5 seconds scan typical for a suitcase-sized object
  • Remote Wi-Fi and Battery Operation


  • First Responders/Bomb Squads
  • Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense, Customs
  • Soft Targets & Infrastructure: Airports, Industrial locations, landmark buildings, stadiums, resorts, etc.

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MXR scanning car trunk